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Guidelines for completing online Application forms for Admission

Please make sure to read following instructions carefully and completely before proceeding to access the on-line application.

This page will be available for your reference throughout the application process

  • The on-line application form will be open only from 28th March to 11th April 2022. The form must be completed and submitted by 3.00pm on Monday, 11th April 2022.
  • Please note all initial communications from College will be via email to the address you provide during the application sign-up process.
  • Application form fee is Rs 2,000.00 and can be paid on-line or at the College cashier. Payment process details are provided in section C below.
  • No manual application will be accepted by the school office on any circumstances. The form cannot be downloaded but must be completed and submitted on-line.
  • Please note - The following are the date of birth ranges for your son to be eligible for Grade 1 - 2023:
    • Grade 1 - Born between 1st Feb 2017 and 31st Jan 2018
  • We will not return the application form fee if you:
    • purchase a form using incorrect date of birth details,
    • create/or submit multiple application forms, or
    • make the admission form payments in any other way other than through the application process as set out below in section B [for those making offline payments- please contact the Admissions Officer by email for instructions.
      Please do not make bank transfers to the College accounts or make payments through the School Fees system].

A. Time duration:

  • The completion of the on-line Application form may take about 30 to 45 minutes in a single sitting.
  • In the event that all information cannot be completed in one sitting, the form may be saved and retrieved for completion at a later time. The form is automatically saved as you progress through each section.
  • You can retrieve a partially completed application by accessing your account and following the instructions provided in section C below.

B. Devices to use:

  • It is recommended that a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet is used to complete the on-line application. The use of a smart phone or other mobile devices isnotrecommended.

C. Procedure for creating a User Account, making the Application form payment, and accessing the Application form:

User Account

  • Please ensure you have read and understood the entire contents of this page.
  • At the bottom of this page you will find the 'Apply now' button, clicking on this will take you to our on-line application platform.
  • New users:
    • You will need to create a User Account by clicking on the 'Sign up' button and entering the requested details and a password.We recommend that you use a personal/private email address rather than one provided by your place of work.
    • You will be sent a validation email to the address you have provided.
    • You must click on the link provided in that email to complete the User Account registration.
    • You can then login to the online platform.
  • Previous users:
    • If you have applied for admissions before or have made on-line payments for school fees, you can access your account by clicking on the 'Sign in' button.
    • Once you successfully log in, you will access the User Account 'dashboard'.

Application form payment

  • From the User Account dashboard, to make a new application: click on the 'Start New Form' link at the top right of the page:trinity-college-kandy-trinityconnect-dashboard-02
  • Select the relevant application form under the 'Enabled Applications' section, and click on the 'Get Application' button to purchase the application.
  • You will then access the Payment and Registration page. Complete this page and select the method of payment for the Application form:
  • Online payment:
    • Under section: '6. Preferred method of payment for this Application form', select 'On-line' from the drop-down menu and proceed.
    • On-line payments may be made only using a Visa, Visa Debit, or Master Card. American Express is not facilitated for on-line payments.
    • If payment is made successfully, you will be immediately taken to the first page of the Application form.
    • You will also receive payment receipt confirmation email.
    • If your online payment fails, you will be taken back to the Purchased Applications page:
      • There you will see the Application form you had initiated.
      • If you click on the 'Continue' button you will be asked if you wish to continue with the application, then you will be asked to complete payment.
      • You can then select again to attempt another on-line payment or make an offline payment.
      • It is strongly advised you follow this process rather than initiating multiple Applications.
  • Offline Payment:
    • Under the section: '6. Preferred method of payment for this Application form', select 'Offline' from the drop-down menu and proceed.
    • You will be taken to the 'Purchased Applications' section of the User Account, where you will see the Payment Status of your Application.
    • The Application reference number and instruction for offline payment will be sent to the email address you used to create the User Account.
    • This email will have all the relevant information for us to cross-check your payment and Application
      You MUST forward this email the Admissions Officer (admissions@trinitycollege.lk). The Admissions Office will then contact you with instructions on how to make the payment.
    • On receipt of your payment, the 'Payment Status' will be changed to 'Paid' and you can access the Application form by clicking on 'Continue'.
    • Please note: If you click on the 'Continue' button before making a payment at the College, you will have the option to re-select the payment method.

Completing the Application form

  • Please read carefully section D below, which is a guideline to providing the correct information for the Application form.
  • Your information will be saved as you progress through the form using the 'Save and Continue' button.
  • You cannot proceed to the next section of the form unless all mandatory fields (as marked by *) in the current page are completed before 'Save & Continue' is selected. You will be asked to fill in any missing information.
  • You can go back to previous sections of the form by using the 'Previous' button. If you make any changes to previously entered data, make sure to click 'Save & Continue' to save the amendments.
  • DO NOT use the browser back/forward buttons to navigate an Application that is in the process of being completed. In which case, there is no guarantee that any amended data will be saved.

Retrieving a partially completed Application form

  • You can save a partially completed Application form and retrieve it later and to continue: First, complete the page you are at and click 'Save & Continue'.
  • Then, you can log out of the User Account by clicking 'Sign out' from the menu accessed from the link displaying your email address at top right of the page, or you can close the browser window.
  • To continue with the form, sign in to your User Account on the online application platform (https://online.trinitycollege.lk) and click the 'Purchased Applications' link at the top right of the page.
  • Purchased Applications page will show your current application details. Click on the 'Continue' button to access the form. You will be taken to the last saved section of the form.
  • You can continue to work on the form this way until submission. There is no time limit set between starting the form and submitting it. But the form has to be completed and submitted by the deadline stated at the top of this page.

Submission of the Application form

  • On successful submission of the on-line application, you will be redirected to the User Account 'dashboard’ page.
  • From the Purchased Applications button, you can now access and view:
    • the status of the Application: If you have successfully submitted the application, it will show as 'submitted' in the 'Submitted Forms' section, under the heading 'Current Status'.
    • view/download the submitted Application using the 'View Form' button.
  • Please note: Once the completed form is submitted, the information cannot be changed. If you think you have made an error, this can be discussed at the interview stage. Extra information, amendments &etc. cannot be appended to the on-line Application form after submission.
  • Further communication relating to your application will be using the contact information provided by you.
  • Please note: The online application form does not allow documents and photographs to be uploaded. All requisite documents (original and photocopy) must be produced when called for.

D. Guidelines on the information provided on the Application form


  • It recommended that all relevant information (and documents) of the parents and child are at hand when filing the form to ensure smooth completion.
  • Information includes those of the child, the parents’ occupation and income, dates of baptism/dedication for Christian applicants, information of old boys of Trinity College, Kandy who are immediate family members.

Contact Information

  • Please ensure that addresses and phone numbers provided under contact information are those of primary applicant and that the applicant is in Sri Lanka and contactable.
  • Contact and communication relating to your application will made be using the information given. Therefore, ensure lines of communication are functional and open (i.e. email address which are in use and not blocked or overloaded, mobile phone numbers have not de-activated or barred, and office numbers at which the applicant can be spoken to).
  • It is important that information of the mother, father and all siblings of the child are provided.

Guardians of a Child

  • An application may be tendered by a guardian. If this is the case, please ensure that information of the guardian is provided as well those of the child’s natural parents (and siblings in school, if any).
  • The nature of guardianship and reason for guardianship must be provided. Information relating to income and occupation must be that of the person supporting the child. Proof and nature of support to child must be provided.

Details on Child

  • (a) Name of Child: Please provide complete name of the child as it appears in the Birth Certificate. You may also state the name by which your child is to be called, provided it is not a pet-name.
  • (b) Home from where Child will attend School: It is important that this information is disclosed correctly in the application form, if the child will attend school from a different address to that in which the parents normally reside.

Christian Applicants

  • Date and church of baptism or dedication of the child and at least one parent must be entered in the on-line form, while baptismal certificates and letters of dedication to be provided at a later date.

Old Boys’ Children

  • School admission number of the father must be completed.
  • All data relating to activities during school, membership in OBA and involvement in the work of OBA would be helpful.
  • School leaving certificate of the father may be made available at a later date.

Occupation of Parents (or Guardian, if any)

  • Please provide occupation of either both parents and the guardian supporting the child.
  • Details of current occupation (e.g. employment, practice of profession or vocation, business etc.) as well as previous occupations are required.
  • Information to be provided is a simple description of the occupation, period of engagement and place of vocation.

Income of Parents (or Guardian, if any)

  • The income of both parents or the guardian supporting the child, must be provided detailing regular monthly income from main occupation, other income if any and total annual income.
  • Please provide information of both parents.
  • Income disclosed must be the personal income of parents or the guardian.
  • Documentary evidence of income would be required to be furnished at later time.

E. Assistance with completing the on-line Application form

You can email admissions@trinitycollege.lk for assistance with completing the form or call +94 81 223 4297 ext 71 (during school hours).