Nature Club

” Protect Nature and Nature will protect you”

The Nature Club of Trinity College Junior School functions with the aim of teaching students to appreciate and protect our natural resources.

Today, most of us “urban dwellers” live our fast paced lives in a concrete jungle surrounded by the marvels of modern technology. The great trees and lush greenery of old have given way to tall grey high rise buildings.

In a world where cutting edge technology is seizing the minds and interest of our younger generation, the Nature Club of the Junior School strives to educate students of the wonders of nature.

We carry out a series of activities throughout the year.

  1. Organising workshops with guest speakers.
  2. Organising nature walks and bird watching excursions.
  3. Conducting programs for World Environment Day/ Water Day, involving poster campaigns and other awareness programs with the participation of all our young members.
  4. Members are encouraged to pursue their own individual project in an area of interest and present their findings to their peers.This initiative is a great success among our young Nature Club members, where they enthusiastically observe, learn and get more exposed to nature.