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Presented by the Interact Club

PUZZLED | 24th October 2021 at 05.00pm

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Adjusting to Lifestyle changes since covid with Dr. Sajeewana Amarasinghe

Covid 19 is something that has affected all of us. In a few months life as we knew it has been overturned and now 19 months later, we may be seeing the end of the tunnel It has caused massive changes to our daily lives, changes that have often happened rapidly and abruptly. Life adjustments often come with a wide range of experiences and emotions. Sometimes that transition can feel smooth and other times that journey to the new normal is choppy or downright bumpy!

Screen addiction and gaming with Dr. Sayuri Perera

Screen addiction and gaming, two topics that have gained much notoriety, especially due to recent events. we’re we spend half our days in front of them. These topics have become quite prevalent in current times due to the effects of Covid 19 and the spreading of online learning. As students, these are two topics very important topics that will have large effects on our lives.

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