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Intellectual Propery Guidelines

It has been brought to our attention that the Trinity College Crest and other intellectual property (see below) is being used for numerous purposes, including on or to promote products that are for sale to the general public without the permission of the school,  This is to inform you that content pertaining to, produced by or of Trinity College, Kandy, are protected  as provided in the relevant laws of Sri Lanka, including those applicable to intellectual property and protection of privacy.   Such material includes, but is not limited to, the Name of the school, its school anthem, school hymn, school crest, school flag, the tri-tone colour palette of the school, images of the school buildings/students/premises, and all creative content within the school. The above intellectual property are used by the school management to represent Trinity College in order to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the College community and beyond.

Trinity College, Kandy is the sole authority that may permit and administer the use of any of the above by any person or party in its unique position as an  educational institution with a vibrant history and cherished traditions, with the intent that this should be preserved and managed with the best interests of the students and the school as a priority.  Such permission may require the payment of royalties, charges, levies or usage fees as determined by the school management from time to time.

However, Trinity has a wide community of students, staff, alumni and well-wishers and we appreciate the enthusiasm they show in promoting the Trinity College ‘brand’ at various forums, events, and locations.  In order that this support is provided to the school in a uniform and consistent manner we are sharing some guidelines on using the intellectual property of the school

These guidelines are only intended as a reference, and we encourage anyone that wishes to use any intellectual property of the school to seek specific guidance.

Prior approval shall be sought for any usage of intellectual property of the school as listed below from the Principal of Trinity College by submitting the relevant form (click here) or a written request by email to the Secretary (Administration) on info@trinitycollege.lk or by post to the Secretary (Administration), Trinity College, Kandy.

The intellectual property of Trinity College, Kandy shall mean and include:

      1. The College name
      2. The College Crest
      3. Trinity College Flag
      4. Tri-tone College color palette
      5. College Anthem & College Hymn
      6. Visual, Audio-visual, graphic or other content depicting any of the above or any location, premises or building within the school premises or school property.
      7. Other intellectual property as may be created or be included from time to time, as provided in the relevant law or practice.

    Commercial Use

    The above intellectual property may be used by a person or party for commercial purposes, whether for profit or otherwise, in any form or manifestation (digital/online/physical/graphical, etc.) only with the approval of the school management.

    Such approval must be sought as above, and the specific image of the intended usage of any of the above intellectual property and other details as required must be submitted for review and amendment if needed by the school management   No modifications should be made to the approved content thereafter.

    Instances of prohibited usage shall include:

      • Using the Trinity College name in a manner that implies or indicates that we are in a commercial/business / philanthropic partnership/alliance/affiliation of any other institute or indicates/implies that we are a part of a commercial offer.
      • Use our brand properties more prominently than your product, service name, offer, cause, etc..
      • Use our brand properties on promotional materials that you are distributing, selling or publishing on behalf of your product/service offers.
      • Modify our brand properties or combine them with any other symbols, words, images, designs, or incorporate them into a slogan, of any sort.
      • Use our brand properties in a way that implies affiliation with or endorsement by Trinity College of your products or services.
      • Use of our brand properties in a manner that would create any ambiguity of its charitable status and its core purpose of existence, which are academic services.

      Non-commercial or private use

      The above intellectual property may be used in a limited sense without the need for prior approval in personal communications, personal social media posts or content with private circulation that does not involve any products (such as tee shirts, jerseys, or souveniers) intended for sale to a specific group or to the general public.  Images of school events such as sports events are subject to the normal practices of usage, but we urge the exercise of discretion when circulating images of our students at such events where the right to privacy and personal safety of students must be ensured. 

      The school management reserves the right to request the removal of any material that is deemed to violate its intellectual property rights or the privacy and/or safety of its students or to request the payment of the relevant royalties or usage fees where the use is deemed to be for commercial use.

      Charitable/Fund-raising use

      We appreciate the many fund-raising efforts undertaken on behalf of the school and its development by many alumni and well-wisher groups both in Sri Lanka and overseas.  However, please do submit the above form to obtain the approval of the school management stating the charitable or fund-raising purpose for such the usage is intended, and such approval will not be unreasonably withheld, and royalties or fees may be waived at the discretion of the school management.