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Junior School

The Junior School consists of classes from grades 3 to 5. Students from grade 4 onwards have the opportunity of studying in mathematics and environmental studies in English.

The Junior School has a broad-based development approach for its students and provides facilities for sports (athletics, cricket, rugby, swimming, soccer, table tennis, badminton, chess, scrabble, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, and tennis) and encourages their involvement in the numerous clubs and societies (such as nature, stamp, and creative clubs; art circle, science society, and social service union.)

To develop creativity, self-esteem and confidence, the the Junior School offers Cub Scouting, Western band, Kandyan and Indian dancing, Western and Oriental singing.

The extra-curricular activities and the wide variety of sports help our students develop their creativity, cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities, preparing them for the next step in their schooling career.

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Junior School and Grade 6 ICT software

The Junior ICT curriculum is changing and we are introducing more programming and computer science related material. The following software is open-source and available to download and install for free:

1. Scratch

Scratch is a visual programming environment and  can be used online or installed on a pc.

We will be using Scratch from Grade 3 to 4 to teach programming concepts and problem solving.

Details for parents: https://scratch.mit.edu/parents/

Downloadable version is here: https://scratch.mit.edu/download


We are also covering the ICT syllabus for Grade 5 and 6 in the Junior School. For these students you can install Snap! programming language.

Developed by the University of California, Berkeley, Snap! is built on top of  Scratch and has advanced programming features:

2. Snap!

Online version: https://snap.berkeley.edu/site/

Downloadable version: https://snap.berkeley.edu/site/offline

Latest News from the Junior School

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Grade 1 – Christmas Card Competition

Our little expressive students had an opportunity to feel the bliss of Christmas with their classmates, within their preferable classroom atmosphere. The students took part in the Christmas Card Competition which was organized internally to inculcate the real and the overwhelming happiness of Christmas which may leave an imprint in their hearts for a long time.  Objectives of the sessions  The objective of
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Children’s Day 2021 – Message from the Principal

My Dear Trinitians, Greetings! Pray you are well and safe under the care of your beloved parents. I write to you this brief note on the 01st of October -World Children’s Day to remind you of our commitment to you. As it is amply reflected in the rich history of our alma mater, Trinity is and always
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A local fair held online – Grade 1, Kindergarten

The Grade 1 students of the Kindergarten conducted a local “Fair (Pola)” through Microsoft Teams in July, 2021. This ‘Online Fair’ was conducted in order to provide the experience of a salesman and a buyer with related to the Environmental Activities lesson about ‘How our needs are fulfilled’. The objectives of the lesson were to
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Introducing robotics and electronics in to the Junior and Middle school

The College introduced programming to Junior school IT curriculum over three years ago and it has been steadily developed over that time. Our students are currently learning Kudo in Grade 2, Scratch! in Grade 3 and 4, Snap! in Grade 5, and Python in higher grades. From the beginning of this project it had always
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Academic Programme – from 25 January 2021

Dear Parent, The Academic Programme has been modified in keeping with the guidelines issued in the current context. Junior School (Sessions start at 7:30 a.m.) Note: Grade One students will follow the schedule already given. Closing time for Grade One will be at 11:30 a.m. For information on Groups, kindly check the respective class MS
Read more +09 January 2021 By Sheshan Abeysekara in Announcements, College, Junior School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Upper School

Academic Programme 2021

Dear Parents, New Year greetings of hope and restoration from Trinity College, Kandy! The academic activities for this year will begin from 11 January 2021 according to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education. It has become our collective responsibility to face the challenges brought by COVID19 and to move forward as a nation.