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“Duc In Altum – Exploring Vistas of Excellence"

Four Pillars of the T150 College Celebrations

Celebrate the Past

We remember the past joyfully, to be inspired by it.

Map the Future

We will look for stability of processes by defining our path.

Service to Humanity

We will foster a spirit of service to elevate others.

Care for our Common Home

We will commit to protect nature and conserve it.

Planning Framework


Trinity College Kandy is a multicultural community of learning, animated from its origins by the Christian vision of education and the dynamic values of the national cultures. As a primary and secondary seat of learning, Trinity in its totality is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of excellence, remaining within the traditions set forth by her pioneers and a specific and time-tested set of core values. One of the distinctive features of Trinity, inter alia is to create and sustain an ethos of diversity and quality of purpose.  All aspects of life at Trinity strive to provide a holistic and integral education, i.e.  a series of formative experiences that illumine the human, social, emotional, spiritual, and professional aptitudes of the child.  The historical trajectories of Trinity over one and a half centuries, at times against formidable counter trends, portray an authentic commitment to a model of education that inspires and empowers the Trinitian to blossom in to a ‘Christ-like character’ by his authentic and wholesome pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

A Jubilee, within the Christian ethos as enumerated in the Bible is a moment of renewal. For the Trinity Family, such a renewal can only be a reinterpretation of the Respice Finem in the milieu of contemporary society. It is a duc in altum [venturing into the depths] in exploring the vistas of human excellence [hence, the T150 Tag Line]. Respice Finem is a dynamic phrase, which means to look back, look at, look ahead, and look around: a 360-degree vision of the present while preserving the focus on the end. It is a caution against the tendency to be impulsive and abrupt that dilutes our potential to flourish. It is also a call to enhance our capacity to articulate the ‘big story’ or the ‘greater scheme of life’ against the pitfalls of domestic petti narratives. Amidst the cacophony of mediocrity, a culture of superficiality and sensationalism, Respice Finem beckons us to retain the divinely inspired value mix as the potent motif of our being in a niche within a socio-cultural ethos that is on its merry way to perdition.

T150 Sesquicentennial Anniversary Celebration, thus, is an opportune moment for the Trinity Family to recall and renew the pioneering vision of those erudite men and women, who ventured into new horizons, exploring new vistas of excellence of education in Sri Lanka.

Types of Events

  • Traditional Events: annual events
  • Co-Curricular Events: celebrations of sports, clubs, and societies
  • Unique Events: special events during the anniversary year.

Feature Events

  • Launch of the Biannual Digital Magazine [June / December]: The Trinitian
  • T150 Sesquicentennial Anniversary Thanksgiving Eucharist
  • Inaugural Rev. Alexander Garden Fraser Memorial Oration
  • Back to College (We invite all batches to have their Batch AGM at the Main Hall & The Batch Day organized at Asgiriya in collaboration with OTSC.)


Join us to celebrate a meaningful T150 Anniversary!


Please Note

  • T150 is a watershed event for the Trinity Family. Yet, we must bear in mind the plight of multitudes in Sri Lanka and world over, due to the global pandemic and pitch our celebrations accordingly.
  • Any use of the Trinity Crest [right protected], T150 Logo, the tricolour [pantone coding], photographs of important locations, etc. should be with prior approval from College. This is purely to impede unscrupulous and unrelated parties, who attempt to profit from such use.
  • Any indiscriminate production of T150 memorabilia should be prevented.
  • All T150 fundraising [infrastructure initiative and college celebrations] will be channeled solely through the Board appointed Advisory and Oversight Committee [T150 A & OC].
  • Any involvement of current students should be done only with the prior approval of the Principal.
  • T150 celebrations emphasize wholesome growth and quality of the Trinitian. Hence, less attention to ‘pomp & pageantry’.



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