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Trinity College Chapel at night

Restoration of the David Paynter Murals

"We believe a full restoration of the murals would help these paintings to last longer physically and aesthetically at the Chapel."


“With solemn word and sign will we dedicate this house of prayer, in token that hereafter no man should enter therein except he be on worship bent, intent to seek God's presence, to meditate upon His Holy Word, or partake of His Holy Sacrament”

Build in the lines of Sri Lankan and Kandyan architecture and dedicated to the service of God in 1935, the Trinity College Chapel stands in a serene environment in the School. The Chapel is known to be one of the greatest architectural undertakings in contemporary Sri Lanka. Often referred to as a ‘Chapel without walls’, the Trinity Chapel is built upon elite composition of granite pillars, a high held roof along with magnificent wooden and rock carvings.

The Chapel is best known for its mural paintings done by David Paynter (an Old Boy himself). There are three distinctive murals behind the main altar, pulpit and lectern (depicting biblical stories in a Sri Lankan setting) to indicate the building's Christian ethic. The Chapel also consists of a ‘Side Chapel’ towards the North entrance. The Side Chapel is mostly used for services with less congregation and currently there are services held on Wednesday mornings for the hostelers at Trinity. The Side Chapel is always open for private prayer.

Located at the Southern entrance to the Chapel is a small ‘vestry’ currently being used to keep vestments and other liturgical objects and is also occasionally used as an office for the Chaplain.

The Chapel forms the central part of life at Trinity. Except on school holidays it is regularly used for Christian worship with short services on Tuesdays and Thursdays and regular Sunday Services. There are special services to mark the main events in the Christian calendar.

Although this chapel is of great architectural and artistic interest, it was of course built as a place of worship. It is more than a college chapel; it is a parish church belonging to the diocese of kurunagala, and Kandy residents and visitors to Kandy are most welcome to worship here.

Trinity College Kandy has always catered towards producing boys with ‘Christ-like’ characters towards the society - who are able to serve each other with good spirit, love and compassion, who will annihilate ‘sins’ and show redemption to ‘sinners’, who will choose prevention before punishment and who will first learn to respect authority and later use it with good sense and restraint. The Trinity College Chapel is something inspiring for generations of Trinitians yet to be born. It will stand as testimony to their vision, their labour of love, their skill, and their dedication, for a millennium to come.

About the Chapel


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Trinity Monday 2022 – Feast of the Holy Trinity Church and Service of Confirmation

This year's Trinity Monday took place on 13th June 2022 at the College Chapel at 7.30 am. The Bishop of Kurunagala, Rt. Rev. Keerthisiri Fernando attended the service as the main celebrant.
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Sesquicentennial Anniversary Thanksgiving Service – Reviewed

A Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Trinity College was held at the College Chapel on 17thof January 2022, the College Founders’ Day. The service commenced at 8.00 am with a Procession led by the College National Drum and Dance Troupe. The choir rendered “Holy Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!” as the
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Photographs of the Paynter Murals in the Chapel

This appeal goes out to our Old Boys, former Staff Members, Members of the extended Trinity family and Well-wishers. The College is in urgent need of pre-1990 colour photographs of the Murals. The College has recently undertaken a big project to restore and protect the valuable David Paynter Murals in the Chapel and such photographs
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Master, Mentor, and Friend – Ronald Thangiah

The year was 1966, and a day scholar who sang treble in the Choir and had arrived early for the 6.30 pm practice was standing by the main entrance to the Trinity College Chapel when a man who could not have been more than 15 years his senior, climbed up the steps to the Chapel,
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Installation Service of the Principal, Rev. Fr. Araliya Jayasundara OSB

In 1924, when Rev. J. Mcleod Campbell was installed as the Principal of Trinity, there was a ceremonial procession around the Kandy town. Such is the importance of the Installation ceremony of a Principal for the Trinity community. On Friday, 25th of September 2020 Reverend Father Araliya Jayasundara OSB was appointed as the new Principal
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Restoration of the David Paynter Murals – Chapel of Trinity College Kandy

Built along the lines of Sri Lankan and Kandyan architecture and dedicated to the service of God in 1935, the Trinity College Chapel stands in a serene environment of the School. The Chapel is known to be one of the finest architectural undertakings in contemporary Sri Lanka. The murals done by David Paynter on the
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Trinity Monday – What It means

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! Early in the Morning our song shall rise to thee. Holy, Holy, Holy! Merciful and Mighty! God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!” -Reginald Heber (1783 -1826) You will hear the sound of the organ playing the opening line of the hymn typically on a Sunday morning, or on this
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Welcome service for new entrants – Grade 4 and 6

The College welcomed new entrants for Grade 4 & 6 on 8th January 2020. A welcome service was arranged at the Chapel – the place every Trinitian gets to see at their first day of the school and the last!
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Barnabas Alexander – A legend in his own time

It seems to be the natural thing that we remember the lives of people on their deaths or memorials. Ten years have gone by since the death of Mr Barnabas Alexander. But the life he left behind still continues. When Barnabas Alexander of Trinity College, Kandy died on December 15 2009 he was in his

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Student Christian Movement

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