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Trinity College Policy on Unlawful Gathering of Students and / or Unauthorized Formation of ‘Student Groups or Guilds’

Whereas the safety, security, and well-being of students within educational institutions are paramount, whereas the duly appointed Trinity College Kandy School Officers’ Guild remains the sole and apex student leadership body in the school and whereas maintaining discipline and order is essential for the conducive learning environment in schools; it is hereby enacted as follows:

TCK has many clubs, societies and associations open to all students in the Senior and Middle schools, focused on different activities, services and fellowship; indeed, it would not be unreasonable to state that TCK has probably the highest number of such extra-curricular activities available at any comparable educational institution. These clubs, societies and associations are established with staff supervision, and the activities of each are governed by proper rules and procedures. This is one way in which TCK provides an opportunity for students to obtain valuable skills and experience in preparation for when they enter society as adults and can hold positions and perform duties in various organizations with the awareness of proper principles of accountability and good governance.

It is to be regretted therefore that a few unscrupulous individuals are reported to have created this type of irregular group without the authority of the school management, and indeed, without any role or requirement other than to subvert the authority of the Principal, Staff and Prefects. The school has taken every step possible to ensure that all students have a safe and welcoming environment within TCK. Any unauthorized or irregular groups will only disrupt that objective and create an opportunity for unsavory practices against fellow students such as ragging, bullying or harassment.

This we will not permit anyone to attempt or to achieve. We therefore categorically state that any student commencing, participating, joining, or encouraging the establishment or continuation of any unauthorized group, will be immediately suspended from attending school pending further disciplinary action. If such involvement by the student is established, the school will decide on suitable disciplinary action, including immediate expulsion. Any disciplinary action will also result in the student being disqualified from holding any office or membership in any other club, society, or association of the school. Any disciplinary action will also be recorded in the school-leaving certificate issued to that student. We may also write to the OBA requesting them to deny membership to any student who has been dealt with disciplinary for such a reason as we believe that any student who demonstrates an anti-social attitude by participating or encouraging such a group is not a person we want associated with the school in any capacity, now or in the future. Further, school will not provide any recommendation or character certificates for such students.

The cooperation of all parents, students, staff, and old boys is important in ensuring that TCK is a place where every student is treated equally, and where the recognition of the achievements of any student is a matter for celebration by all.