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A soothing, mesmerizing musical extravaganza presented by the Oriental Music Society of Trinity College, Kandy
for an elevated aesthetic appreciation, featuring the talents of the young Trinitians.

සිංහල ගීතයේ නව්‍ය ගමන් මග හදුනාගත් මහනුවර ත්‍රිත්ව විද්‍යාලයීය පෙරදිග සංගීත අංශය තම දක්ෂතා තුලින් මනෝහාරීය වින්දනයක් කරා ඔබව රැගෙන යෑමට බලාපොරොත්තු වේ

09 September 2023
Mahinda Rajapakse Auditorium, Polgolla, Kandy (NICD)

The Trinity College Oriental Music unit goes beyond the curriculum to nurture the creative talents of our children through Aesthetic Musical creations. We aim to instill moral values, attitudes, and a deep respect for diverse cultures worldwide. Our goal is to cultivate a harmonious mindset, free from the pressures of today's competitive education system.

We are fortunate to have the unwavering support of parents who recognize and harness the innate talents of their children to achieve our objectives. This group also includes former students who began their journey in Oriental Music at our esteemed institution.

The Oriental Music unit of Trinity College is committed to strengthening its foundations and guiding individuals in discovering their unique path through the world of music.



We are beyond excited to reveal our collaboration with the exclusive sponsor of THEEVRA - The Old Trinitians’ Oriental Music Association (OTOMA). 

Established in 2022 by former pupils of the Oriental Music Society (OMS), OTOMA stands as a shining beacon of expertise in music and aesthetics. They've worked tirelessly to revitalize the Oriental Music Arena, providing state-of-the-art musical instruments - a historic achievement for Trinity College, Kandy. With passionate professionals from diverse fields, OTOMA is steadfast in their mission to revive Oriental music and aesthetics, benefiting students not just at Trinity but all across the island.

Proceeds from "Theevra" will enrich Trinity's aesthetic facilities, and OTOMA's ambitious project aims to empower underprivileged schools across Sri Lanka with essential musical instruments - nurturing professionalism in music education. 

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