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A Fundraising project by Sri Lanka Unites Chapter

‘Vigour’ is a two phased project organized by the Sri Lanka Unites Chapter of Trinity College in commemoration of the T150 Goodwill.

The first phase of the project will include a variety of sports and fitness related sessions. Many renowned sporting personnel will hold sessions via ZOOM on the 20th of September which will span out for approximately an hour.

These sessions are open to anyone and everyone who wish to extend their knowledge on sports and also wish to learn the experiences of these star sportsmen and women.

All the sessions are priced at Rs.500. The funds raised through these sessions will be utilized to provide facilities and amenities to the Special Needs School in Cotagala which will be the second phase of ‘Vigour’


A series of virtual workshops centered around fitness, wellness, nutrition, sports and overall lifestyle

Register yourselves now for the session you wish to join by clicking the links below. Registrations close on the 19th of September 2021

If you feel like you’ve lost touch and want to enhance your flexibility, this session is for you. Join us with the first Rhythmic Gymnast to represent Sri Lanka for a session like no other.

Do you want to hoop like a pro after the pandemic? This session is exactly what you were looking for. Join us with one of Sri Lanka’s finest ballers to learn and explore the intricacies of Basketball.

If you are a lover of Calisthenics this session was tailor-made for you. Join us with Devinda to gather the right tips that will make you enhance your skills.

Want to get back on the field and play alongside your teammates? The Former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain has got you covered. Join with him to take your game to the next level with lockdown drills and more.

Get those moves in through this fun filled Zumba Session conducted by Zin Lucky.

If you are finding it hard to balance your career and your leisure time, join us with Sri Lanka’s leading Tri athlete Puvini to learn to create balance in your life.

Surrounded by myths on nutrition? Bust those myths while making a nutrition plan that will fit you personally through this session with our nutrition specialist.

Finding it hard to wind down after a long day? This session will help you get to know all things related to Yoga.

Trapped at home and have no idea how to get your home workouts in? Sarani’s got you covered with a session that will help you learn to stay fit and in shape during lockdown.

Calling out all Tennis lovers! Join with one of Sri Lanka’s finest Tennis players to gather various tips and tricks to lift your game to the next level on the court.

Missing the pool lately? Join with our Sri Lankan Olympian to get your mind and body to dive right back into the pool once the pandemic is done.

Join with the only cricketer to feature in a world cup final as player and as an umpire, to learn about his experiences and to gather tips to enhance your game on the pitch.

Learn a few moves and be able to impress the others around through this action packed session with renowned dancing star, Ramod Malaka

Goals of our Fundraiser Event Vigour

Serving Humanity

Aiming to provide facilities and amenities to the Cotagala Special Need School

Uniting the youth of Sri Lanka

Lending a helping hand to the special need children of our country for a prosperous future

Encouraging young sportsmen

Initiating a fruitful impact on young sportsmen to bring more glory to Sri Lanka

Improving Health & Well-being

Addressing health of all people in Sri Lanka with the vision of a healthy nation

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