Japanese Language Society

Japanese was first introduced as an extra language added to the middle school curriculum by the former Vice Principal, Mr C. J. Jayawardana in 2008. It was taught in alternating weeks with French.

It was introduced to the middle school students as a compulsory subject from grade 7 to grade 9. The students could choose to study further for their O/L from grade 10.

Japanese Language Society has partaken in many events such as speech contests and drama competitions. As well as organizing exhibitions and Japanese days. Prominent among them are:

  • Each year several students in O/L classes pass the 5th level of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which is an internationally recognized test.
  • A very successful origami exhibition and competition was organized by the Japanese Society in 2018, with the whole school participating.
  • Becoming the champions in all island speech contest organized by Okayama University, both in all island and international levels.
    • 2016 Muranga Premawardana (Island 1st)
    • 2017 Ravindu Wickramasingha (International 1st)
    • 2018 Kavindu Karunarathne (International 2nd)
  • In 2015, a group of students performing the drama ‘Momotarou’ winning the all-island championship in the Japanese language drama competition organized by the JLTA.
  • A team of 9 students won 1st place in all island Japanese drama competition organized by the Japanese Teachers’ Association in 2014, with the help of Mr K. Samarasundara and Mr. C. Maddegoda.
  • At the 2013 Inter-house drama competition, the drama ‘Rathu Seeya’ a translated format of the Japanese drama ‘Hana Saka Jiji’ won the first place.
  • Japanese Days were organized for the whole school during the years 2008,2010,2012.