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Trinity College Junior Literary Association

The Trinity College Junior Literary Association has been revived in the Middle School in January 2018 to inspire promising young actors, orators, and writers and to enhance their skill.

Since its revival the association has implemented many projects including inter-school dramas, inter-school projects, and literature competitions. The association is firmly supported by the School heads, the staff and senior students.

History and Background

The history of the association dates back to June – 1914 (during the tenure of then the Principal Rev. A. G. Fraser), when the association was formed as the “Trinity College Junior Literary Association” where boys of Sixth & seventh Standards (grades) were eligible for membership. The book “A History of Trinity College Kandy” written by Valesca L.O. Reimann states that it was perhaps called a resuscitation of the Gladstonian Society, which had ceased to exist after about 1903.

The association has also been responsible for initiating the first Junior Debating team at Trinity College in 1979.  In this connection, the same year TCLA underwent a change in its constitution creating the posts of the First Student President and Staff Adviser. The TCLA was also referred by many as “a prestigious society at Trinity”. The Junior TCLA has also organised events like the “Junior Secondary Day” including very high standards of variety entertainment and dramas. The Junior TCLA then comprised students from Grade 6, 7 and 8 who were involved in all the activities of the association.



The association meetings are held weekly on grade basis. This helps all the students of different ages to engage in activities suitable for their age. The association does enjoyable small activities each week such as skits and debates. The grade 6 students would take on easier and fun topics whereas the ninth graders get into more challenging and serious ideas.

The association has added regular events to its programme, such as them the “Famous Speeches” done each week during school assembly which has become quite popular.

Collaborated activities with other related associations are also undertaken. JTCLA helps to publish news items and reviews of the school events in the College website in collaboration with the Trinity College Literary Association and the Trinity College Library Council. The members of the association are also trained to use online tools providing exposure to the future world of journalism.

Publishing a regular newsletter and other publications such as books of poetry are other activities in the JTCLA portfolio. JTCLA is also interested in making special effort to discover the spectrum of creative talent present in the school and showcase them as an encouragement, for the appreciation of all.


With the guidance and support of the staff-in-charge, projects are initiated by the members of the association based on their own ideas. This concept promotes the freedom for creative thinking and character development. A system of continuity has been also created by the older boys from the JTCLA by passing down responsibilities and the spirit of the society to the juniors, and moving up to join the older boys in the TCLA of the Upper School.

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