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Student Christian Movement

The Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Trinity College is one of the oldest movements within the Trinity fraternity, with a history of more than a century.

It is primarily responsible for the welfare of the Christian student community at the College, and building up the Christian community in our school is the key element of SCM.

The movement hosts two main events, the SCM Sunday and the SCM Day.

SCM Sunday

This is the Annual General Meeting of the SCM held every October.

The Induction Ceremony of the new committee is followed by a session of Praise and Worship, which is the highlight of the day.


This is a day filled with Praise and Worship where students from other schools participate.  The activities also include games which help to foster friendship and understanding between all participants.

Social service

Each year the movement makes it a duty to provide under privileged children with required needs to pursue their studies.  It has created an opportunity for all members to actively take part in such projects, which gives them an unforgettable experience, supplementing the all round education received in this great institution.


The Student Christian Movement - Junior School

The Student Christian Movement of the Junior School also conducts various activities throughout the year.  Bible Quiz Competitions, Easter Programme, Educational trips and Charity programmes are among them.


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