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The Trinity Story - 1872-2022

Principal’s Announcement

It gives me great pleasure to announce the proposed publication of a history of the College – ‘The Trinity Story 1872-2022′. This is being initiated immediately in preparation for Trinity’s sesquicentennial anniversary [150th year] celebration in 2022.

The history project is sponsored by one of our alumini Mr M. V. Muhsin and has been approved by the Board of Governors. It will be implemented by a Steering Committee in collaboration with the School.

The Executive chair of the Steering Committee will report to the Principal who is the ex-officio Chairman.

‘The Trinity Story 1872-2022’ will be presented in two strands:

The first is ‘Stories of Trinity’ conveyed in narrative form. It will present Trinity’s past, present and steps for the future in an engaging and informative manner through a series of feature stories, photo essays and interactive features which harness visual, textual and multimedia elements through a mix of print and digital media.

The second is a statistical and chronological history as a companion volume in digital and electronically searchable form, combining the 1872 – 1972 History (Trinity Publication edited by Hilary Abeyratne) with the balance 50-year period 1973 through to 2022.

The current members of the Trinity History Steering Committee are Mr M.V. Muhsin, (Executive Chair and Editor), Mr Ananda Marasinghe Co-Vice Principal, representing the Principal, Mr Himendra Ranaweera Executive Program Coordinator, and Mr Jayantha Jayawardene Project Director. Other members include Dr. Nalin Wickramanayake, Dr. Romesh Ranawana. Dr. Jayantha Dhanapala (Counsellor).

The editorial team includes Arjuna Ranawana (Lead Editor) supported by Miss. Imani Bakmeedeniya; and Production Manager David Colin-Thome. A team of Trinity students and staff will undertake the research and compilation; the editorial cum production teams are being engaged with the involvement of Trinity Students, Alumni and Staff.

A team of students and staff is currently engaged in compiling the needed data and information and in conducting research.

For now it will help if Alumni share with us articles, stories, vignettes, documents, photographs, videos and other material of historical interest which will serve as inputs to the compilation under way. Please e-mail: history@trinitycollege.lk

This is a very important initiative. We require the cooperation and support of all Trinitians, past and present. On behalf of the steering committee, I invite all members of the Trinity Family,  locally and globally,  to join us in this timely endeavour.

More information will be provided on the Trinity Website www.trinitycollege.lk

Respice Finem

Rev. Fr. Araliya Jayasundera OSB

We need your inputs to the history

Please fill the form or email or WhatsApp us

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+94 777 895 770

Steering Committee

M.V. Muhsin

Executive Chair & Editor

Himendra Ranaweera

Executive Program Coordinator

Ananda Marasinghe

Co-Vice Principal

Jayantha Jayawardena

Project Director

Dr Nalin Wickramanayake

Dr Romesh Ranawana

Dr Jayantha Dhanapala



Sunil Keppetipola

Bimindra Madugalle

Susitkar Enoch

Harinda Dunuwille

Harendra De Alwis

Mahendra de Silva

Ms Carmen Marker

Manesh Jayasuriya

Ramith Warsakone

Asela (Lakka) Dassanayaka

Anura Abeyasinghe

Ravi Ladduwahetty

Dr Sapumal Dhanapala

Major General (Retd) Lalin Fernando

Editorial & Production Team

M.V. Muhsin

(Executive Editor)

Arjuna Ranawana

(Lead Editor)

David Colin-Thome

(Production Manager)

Ms Imani Bakmeedeniya

Sheshan Abeysekara

Harendra Alwis

Bhanuka Warnasooriya

(Student Team Leader)

Trinity Research Team

Companion Volume Research Team

Mrs Achala Illangakoon


Mrs Thilini Sumanasekara


Jayageeth Basnayake

Adithya Dissanayake

Uthsara Dissanayake

Matthew Francis

Gesith Epa

Janidu Jayasekera

Rahul Jayasinghe

Dinil Jayasuriya

Shaahid khaleel

Sheran Marasinghe

Yadesh Mohandas

Pavara Rambukwella

Rumaiz Rizan

Muhammed Zaffrulla

Kesarindra Egodawele

Thushyantha Bandara

Dilmin Bandaranayake

Akmal Fareekdeen

Thusara Gallage

Dulina Herath

Abidh Jameel

Timeline Research Team

Kevin Tennekoon

Jayageeth Basnayake

Sachika Boyagoda

Sherwain Wavita

Shevindra Herath

Abidh Jameel

Thithira Jayakody

Lolonyo Rahulan

Yuki Ranathilake

Parinda Ratnayake

Aqib Rumaiz

Harindu Senanayake

To contact the Steering Committee please email history@trinitycollege.lk

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