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T150 Musical – AUDITIONS

DRAMSOC | Trinity College Literary Association

Drama at Trinity has done exceptionally well over the past few years. From winning the Inter-School Shakespeare Drama Competition in 2019, to organizing the first ever ‘Online’ All Island Inter School Drama Competition in 2020, the club has flourished with success.

In celebration of Trinity turning 150 years in 2022, the Trinity DRAMSOC has planned to stage a theatre spectacle on the 18-20th of November 2022. This production will include 4 famous musicals. Namely;

  • Aladdin
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Lion King
  • Hamilton

As for any theatre production, it is important that the ‘pre-production’ stage is handled well in order to make the final outcome a successful and glamorous one. We at the Trinity DRAMSOC have started work on this project a year prior to our event to ensure that we put on a good show that doesn’t disappoint any theatre lover.

AUDITIONS is one of the most important aspects of any production. The cast for any drama or movie is chosen through an Audition process.

With the prevailing situation in the country there is no way that we could hold auditions for our Musicals in the normal way that it does work. We have been forced to adapt to the situation and therefore we have planned to carry out the AUDITIONS through video submissions. The auditions will be open to all the students of the College from Grade 6 – 13.

Read the descriptive manual available below on as to how you should submit your audition video.


  • Click the link below to visit the submissions page. This page will include the Google Form through which you will have to submit your video. It will also include the list of characters that you could audition for.
  • Read through the list of characters from the character page, and decide which character or characters you wish to audition for.
  • Download the pdf under the character you chose and practice the parts that have been included in the pdf.
  • When you feel you have had enough of practice, make a video recording of yourself acting/speaking/singing the specific pieces in the pdf of the character you chose to audition for. (preferably using a mobile phone)
  • The submission should include 2 videos; each of both singing and reading lines.

Visit the submissions page

DISCLAIMER: This link is being provided as a convienience and for information purposes only. Trinity College, kandy bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links


The deadline for the submissions will be on the 13th of September 2021.

You are not expected to have any kind of fancy costume on, in your audition video.

Good luck for your Auditions!

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