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Weightlifting at Trinity started in the year 2005. The team has grown immensely since and has been quite successful over the years. Many boys have performed well both nationally and internationally as well.

Although the sport does not have the longest of history, the team has performed tremendously well right since its inception making the Trinity Weightlifting Team a front runner in the Schools’ Weightlifting Arena. The team’s main meets are the All Island School’s Weightlifting Championship and the Junior Nationals Weightlifting Championship whilst the Novices Weightlifting Championship being a great platform to find new talents in school.

The Weightlifting team has had many triumphs over the years. Winning the Junior Nationals Weightlifting Championship for 12 consecutive years being the most outstanding achievement. They have also bagged many All Island Schools Games Titles. The team has also been awarded the “Best Team” award as well as the “Most Promising Team” at the College Prize Giving.

The sport helps the boys grow stronger both mentally and physically.  Strengthening up their muscles could be helpful for other sports like Rugby, Boxing and Swimming.

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