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A Webinar on Game Design

Presented by the Design Club of Trinity College, Kandy

Love gaming? Want to know how a game is built? Want to be the next person to make a COD or Fortnite game?

Game Design is a large field, derived from computer science/programming, creative writing, and graphic design. Game designers take the creative initiative to imagine and bring the world of video games to life. This webinar will help you understand the nature of game design and differentiate the field from other professional game degrees.

The webinar will guide you through game design, how building a virtual world doesn’t take any coding skills and how the dynamics of a life like open world experience is created and produced. Game design is a field with growing potential and expertise in this field are currently at a drought: you might be the next big thing, the next designer of an Assassins Creed Series or a Far Cry Series. You might be the next Ubisoft or EA founder!

The webinar will show you the epics of how a game is birthed from the minds of few individual geniuses. Game design is not hard if you have the passion for it.

"Ignite your passion for gaming in a different stature, open your world to game design."

Register now for our Game Design webinar and be the next "Game Hero"

Join us on 17th July 2021 at 04.30pm

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