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Design Club

The Design Club was inaugurated in 2015 creating a club that echoes the ethos of creativity for students aged 15 and above. The design club was illustrated with the core principles of design to orchestrate students to think innovative and creative.

The Club does not aim to create designers or those who wish to follow design after secondary school education as a profession rather it aims to “Create Better Individuals Who Think: Elevate and Deviate to the Bigger Picture whilst Focusing on the Smaller Moments”

The Club objectifies to “Devote in Developing and Enriching Student Creativity and Ingenuity: Whilst Inspiring for Optimism and Difference”

The Club constitutes of around 30 members and functions in a seamless and coordinated manner, in any and all places necessary.

The Club holds workshops and seminars on principles of thinking and creating throughout the year to educate and inspire students.

The Club remains one of a kind across the array of Societies and Clubs in level of schools.

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We are open for applicants from Upper School.

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