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Learning at home

Learning at home

Learning at home

Learning at home


Learning at home - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

One important component of distance learning will be online lessons conducted through Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams is a new collaboration tool in Office 365, providing chat-based workspace where team members can share ideas, documents and calendars as well as to hold discussion and make video calls, etc. It’s a collection of people, conversations, files and tools all in one place to make collaboration more effective and efficient.

Student requirements

Ideally students should have the following devices and connectivity to participate:

  • A desktop PC or a laptop
  • Internet connection through a home 4G broadband or fibre connection.

Students can use tablets or smart phones and mobile internet connections for participating in online classes.

If using a mobile connection,  it is better to use the MS Teams app and other MSO365 Office apps rather than the website.

However, for assignments and other work requiring a large amounts of typing a desktop or laptop is better.

We are aware that some students may not have adequate facilities at home to participate fully in the distance learning program that we envisage. The Parents-Teachers Association and the Old Boys’ Association have offered to assist such students. The school may also be able to obtain package deals for devices and internet connections.


Accessing Microsoft Teams

You need to use your school provided email (0xxxx.lastname@trinitycollege.lk) and password to login to MS Teams.


  • You can access Teams on your computer's web browser: click here
  • Or you can download the Teams desktop app to your computer: click here


  • For Android users: Teams app can be downloaded from Google Play store: click here
  • For Apple users: Teams app can be downloaded from Apple store: click here

Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app