Science Laboratory Block

Project Title: New Science Laboratory Block

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Project Year:

Project Background

To build a state of the art science laboratory block adjoining the existing laboratory building. The building will have tomorrows technology and the facilities will be in line with latest offered by leading institutions.

The building will have access both from the existing science laboratory section and from the bridge that is situated below the Principal’s bungalow. The building design will complement the existing science lab building and will replace the existing temporary classrooms constructed outside the laboratory building.

Design concept

  • The building will include 12 large Classrooms/ Laboratories, each with its own storage area.
  • A Faculty Room for Science Teachers with all necessary comforts
  • An outside Terrace on the top floor (linked to an A Level Physics classroom) for the Astronomy Society/ Astrophysics teaching, which will be equipped with the latest equipment.
  • A large double-storey Atrium with space for Science Exhibitions, Art Gallery
  • 4 Separate washrooms for Students (2) and Staff (2 – M/F).