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The Trinity College Literary Association (TCLA) was established in the year 1873, making it one of the oldest Literary Associations in the island, if not the oldest. It was established with the goal of promoting literacy among the students of the school. The Association was also responsible for starting the school Library in 1875, with the Secretary of the club acting as the Librarian, until it was handed over to the school some years later.

Since its inception, the Association’s scope has expanded to include Drama and Debating, amongst other activities. Members of the TCLA find a space where they can express and showcase their creativity and appreciation of literacy, in a manner that benefits both themselves and the School.

The TCLA has established itself in Sri Lankan literary culture, winning several prestigious competitions and awards over the years. The Association still operates both inside and outside the school, providing a space that promotes creativity, teamwork, and recognizes and rewards those with literary skills.

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